These are the most unique platform in that the first time courses are run, they are done so in ft of a live audience, both in the studio, and sometimes online. This means you as a live viewer can influence the content of the course. creativelive is an organization whose goal is to provide people with access to creative classes from the world’s top experts in a wide variety of topics and subjects.

students go to the website and look through available classes by category, Photo and Video,  Art and  Design, Music and Audio, Craft and Maker, Money and Life.
once you’ve selected the category in which you are interested,you can either click on Calender of Clases to see what will be available when,or you can check “Watch Now”list which will give you access to all classes that are both available and free at that particular time.
Some courses are more in dept and complicated and may require multiple sessions, certain classes are likely to be paid for classes and not free as some others offered by creativelive.

As mentioned above, many of their classes which have associated fees will come bundled with the other reqired or recommended courses and will be priced at a discount on what the costs of all individual on what the cost of all individual classes would be.


Video player – streaming only
Note taking and bookmarking capability.
Downloadable PDFs (depending on the course).
Sometimes discount codes for services and software.


Live Q+A – if you attend the course live.
Chat rooms – both a casual lounge and on-topic chat room.
Student projects and peer feedback.
Sometimes Facebook groups or off-site groups run by the instructors.

CreativeLive accounts are free, but you pay per course.
Pop into the live listing to see what courses are rebroadcasting right now.
Watch sample previews to get a sense of the instructor and the content to see if it’s worth investing.
RSVP to Join the upcoming/live courses for free. Click “Chat” to join the chatrooms for the live course.
creativelive does the best job of connecting learners with each other and with the instructors. The social aspects to this platform are some of the most valuable. They seem to encourage plenty of off-site interaction to Join today and experience a  “Live”aspect which makes it truly unique

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